REINING HOPE INC. | 17600 LEBANON RD. SPRING GROVE VA 23881 | 804.896.3723 | | last updated: 26 February 2016



Reining Hope is committed to serving the community with a safe and positive atmosphere to build self-confidence and encourage physical and mental growth in the special needs community. We inspire a new kind of hope.

Reining Hope is founded on the love of Jesus Christ, and it is with our faith that we open our hearts to the young people of this community. Our core values are safety, acceptance, respect, compassion, and honesty. All of our volunteers have pledged to stand by these values, and it is our hope that each student and family member who visit Reining Hope will experience them first-hand. 

Our program is unique because it mingles equine activities with one-on-one mentorship. We are equipped to serve young people from all backgrounds, whether they are diagnosed with a special need or simply need love and acceptance. We believe all young people have needs, and it is our mission to serve them.

Reining Hope is not a certified therapy center, but rather we use horses as a tool to safely and lovingly teach young people of all backgrounds the life skills they need.