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Rolo is a black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with two white socks and a white blaze. When Rolo first came to the ranch, he was emaciated and clearly beaten down. After a steady, healthy diet and consistent exercise, Rolo has become strong and energetic. Rolo is a cuddler - he loves to drop his head and nuzzle into a caring shoulder. His steps are big, but he doesn't push his riders to go faster than they want. Rolo is the playful one in the herd, and he's a curious boy. Rolo often relates to others who have been bullied, as he himself is often the low man in the herd - he understands what it means to be picked on and knows how to heal and move forward. 


Henry was a special gift to Reining Hope, from his former owners who used him in Western Pleasure. He is a chestnut brown and white American Paint gelding who has four almost identical white socks. We call Henry our Gentle Giant because though he is tall and big, he has a quiet demeanor. Henry has quickly become part of the herd, though Clyde might question why he lost his "newest member" spot. Our Gentle Giant has recovered from a fracture in his right, front leg, which helps many of our students see that perseverence in healing WILL have its rewards!


Clyde is a brown and white Paint gelding whose only mission is to please. Clyde was going to be homeless when his former barn closed, so he has come to live and work with us. No matter the weather, Clyde just wants to be a friend. He is gentle, patient, and best of all - he loves to be ridden. His small build is welcoming to children of all ages and sizes, but the little kiddos especially like to spend time with him. Clyde bonds with everyone who comes in contact with him.

Hope was born at a Premarin factory in March 2017, and she's been an amazing addition to our herd. She lives up to her name, as her story is one of complete hope. We rescued her from death, paired her with Zoie who then adopted Hope as her own, and now she serves as an amazing example of adoption and love. Hope is spunky and likes to nibble her way through everything. Her coloring changes just about every day, so we are excited to see what she grows into. Until she's rideable in a couple of years, Reining Hope will use her for ground work and bonding with students.


Zoie is a registered American Paint mare who loves attention. Her striking blue eyes and white face are just the beginning to her beauty. Zoie bonds to those who speak sweetly and softly to her, and she really loves to have her neck gently scratched. Zoie is our slow n' steady gal, patient as a saint with everyone who rides her, though she's also known as our "naughty" girl because some days she'd rather stand still like a statue versus moving about the round pen. One of Zoie's first owners was a young girl, whom Zoie clearly loved because now, she bonds with just about any young girl who visits the ranch.