Clyde is a brown and white Paint gelding with a quiet, yet playful demeanor. He is often the first horse visitors spot in the pasture due to his striking coloring. Clyde was going to be homeless when his former barn closed, so he came to live and work with us. When Clyde first came to the ranch, he was extremely head shy and wanted nothing to do with hugs and tender touch. Due to his former life, work was all he knew. After several months of patient, consistent love and attention, our Clyde began to relax into head and neck rubs. Before long, he was dropping his sweet head into the arms of young students. Clyde has become a loyal part of the program, and he’s definitely one of the favorites among our students. He is gentle, patient, and best of all – he loves to be ridden. His small build is welcoming to children of all ages and sizes. Clyde’s favorite two things – his best friend, Hope, and a bucket of carrots.


Dewey is a strawberry roan Tennessee Walking Horse gelding who makes up for his small size (13hh) with his big personality. He’s a bit shy at first, but when he gets to know his person, he’s an in-your-pocket friend. Dewey is an example of God’s perfect timing. As Reining Hope was praying about bringing in a new horse to help serve more students, God was coordinating an adoption story worthy to share. Hay Day Ranch, a similar ministry to our own, was making the difficult decision to shut its doors. Life circumstances had changed, and they were no longer able to operate. But they had a big dilemma – they had no homes for their three horses. God coordinated our meet, and staff from both ranch ministries felt His hand on the whole process. Now, Dewey lives here on the ranch, and with him comes the promise of God’s ultimate timing. We may not always understand why He opens one door and closes another, but we can understand His incredible wisdom and authority over our lives. We hope Dewey’s rehoming story will help those who are facing difficult life decisions and those who are facing painful hurdles in their lives. Dewey IS a sign of God’s love. Dewey is still in training.


Henry is a chestnut brown and white American Paint gelding with four white socks. He came to the ranch as a  special gift to Reining Hope, from his former owners who needed to find a loving home for their favorite boy. Henry suffered a sesamoid fracture in his front right leg, making it impossible to use him in Western Pleasure. He has fully recovered, and he now wears bright teal supportive boots to keep him safe from unexpected divots in the ground. These boots are a prevalent reminder to our students that healing IS possible, when we work hard and pray harder. We call Henry our Gentle Giant because though he is tall and big (16hh), he has a quiet demeanor. Henry is the first in line for affection, and he’s almost always the first at the gate when the herd sees their kiddos arriving. Also known as “Henwee” by our smaller students, he has turned out to be one of our most loyal companions in the herd.


Hope was born at a Premarin factory in March 2017. Premarin is a prescription drug created from pregnant mares’ urine. Not only are the pregnant mares connected to a catheter 24-7, they are also limited to a stall so tiny they barely have enough room to lay down. Life is dismal for these suffering horses. Once the foals are born, they are discarded, and the process begins again. Reining Hope decided to adopt one of these foals, a young filly. We named her Hope to symbolize our true hope – Jesus’ saving grace. We paired Hope with our mare, Zoie, who proved to be an incredibly loving mother. Their bond now serves as an amazing example of adoption and love. Hope is spunky and likes to nibble her way through everything. Her coloring has changed drastically since we first brought her home, and we are excited to see what she turns out to be. Until she’s rideable, Reining Hope uses Hope for ground work and bonding with students.


Rolo is a black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with two white socks and a white blaze. When Rolo first came to the ranch, he was emaciated and clearly beaten down. His former owners primarily used him for mountain trail rides, but we suspect that his diet and care was neglected. His boney frame and gaunt face was difficult to look at, and though he loved to work and be ridden, Rolo had a sad look about him. After a steady, healthy diet and consistent exercise, Rolo became strong and energetic. Now, Rolo not only works hard, he plays hard too. He is a cuddler – he loves to drop his head and nuzzle into a caring shoulder. His steps are big, but he doesn’t push his riders to go faster than they want. Rolo can relate to others who have been bullied, as he himself is often the low man in the herd – he understands what it means to be picked on and knows how to heal and move forward.


Zoie is a brown, black, and white registered American Paint mare who loves to be groomed and brushed. Her striking blue eyes and white face are just the beginning to her beauty. Zoie was the first horse in the Reining Hope herd, and she has proven to be a dependable horse with some spunk and sometimes enough orneriness to make us all laugh. Zoie bonds well to those who speak sweetly and softly to her, and she loves to have her neck gently scratched. Zoie is our slow n’ steady gal, though she’s also known as our “naughty” girl because some days she’d rather stand still like a statue versus moving about the round pen. One of our favorite stories to tell about Zoie is when we paired her with Hope. In less than a day, Zoie was nuzzling up to the new foal with an affection we’d never seen from her before. One month later, she began producing milk, giving Hope even more comfort from her new mamma. Their adoption story is a sweet example of Jesus’ love for us.